In our decades within the industry, C&M have worked with and covered all aspects of Solid Plastering including:

  • Cement rendering
  • White Set
  • All acrylic and polymer renders and textures

Cement rendering can be achieved using sand and cement or bag mix renders. Each product has its place on different jobs and we use the material best suited to your desired application. The C&M crew whether it is acrylic texture or spray on textures all finishes can do any desired effect.


White Set Applications

To apply white set first step is to scrape the wall to remove any loose material from surface. Next a thin coat of a mixture of hard wall plaster an slacked lime is applied with a steel trowel being careful to keep the coat of material is of an even thickness to keep the surface flat. Then another coat of setting is applied using the same procedeure.

Next a third coat is applied, this coat is thinner and is used to lay down a flat surface on the face of the wall. Next when the previous coat has started to take up (setting time is about 45 minutes) then you start to trowel the surface keeping the surface as flat as possible. As the material starts to firm up the pressure applied to the trowel which is tilted to apply pressure to the edge of the trowel only is increased. As the material on the wall starts to dry a small amount of water is flicked on to the material to lubricate the trowel, so it can glide over the surface and give an even smooth finish.

A highly polished finish can be achieved .