Driveway restoration can add value to your property and make a great first impression.

The job needs to be cleaned thoroughly the any cracks need to be repaired. Large cracks will need to be Stiched, this is done by opening the crack with a diamond blade fitted to a grinder and then cut across the crack approx 100 mm then the crack is fill with an epoxy, sand and cement mixture. Stainless rods are embedded in the epoxy across the crack this method is very effective in repairing the crack.

The cracks are then smoothed over using a grinder. Any areas that need to be protected are covered or masked to prevent over spray contacting those areas. Style pave primer is rolled or sprayed on to the surface. Style pave base coat tinted to the desired colour is then applied with a hopper gun by spraying two coats then a fine dusting coat is applied to give an even look to surface.

Next on the same day a coat of sealer is applied with a roller or spraying 2 additional coats can be applied over the next few days.

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Driveway Before

Driveway Before Restoration

Driveway After Restoration

Driveway After Restoration